Fine Art Giclee Prints

What are Giclee Prints?

Giclee prints are super high quality, fine art prints that are printed using a revolutionary process that uses seven dye-based inks resulting in vivid, vibrant, and rich colors. With Giclee printing you also get ultra high resolution prints with sharp, crisp detail.  We have chosen to offer giclee prints out of all the other possible print types and styles because it truly highlights our unique editing style which emphasizes deep, rich colors and dynamic, high-contrast black and white!

If you've never thought about having your images printed, you should! There's something magical about being able to hold your precious memories in the palm of your hand, to be able to tilt it around and watch it glimmer and shine as the light hits it. You can't do that with a digital image! Digital images can be easily lost, files are accidentally deleted, hard drives crash, and technology becomes obsolete. A top quality print can last for decades if cared for and stored properly. 

Prints are an impressive, yet simple way to show off your beautiful images and gives them a new dimension and breathes new life to them. Prints can be displayed in many different ways from simple black frames lined up on a mantle or shelf to creating a large wall display with multiple frames and prints to something as simple as hanging them with twine and tiny clothes pines. 

Prints make wonderful gifts for the special people in your life. We all know moms and grandmas and other relatives who have that ginormous book shelf with hundreds of framed family photos from years gone by. Wouldn't it be wonderful to gift them a high quality portrait of you and your spouse on your wedding day to add to their collection? 

Paper Choices


Images printed on metallic paper are stunning. This paper is glossy and truly resembles metal. Black and white images, especially high contrast ones with rich, deep blacks and bright whites come to life on this paper as you hold it in your hand and tilt it around in your hands, letting the light hit it! Color images also become more vivid and really pop with this paper!

Fine Art

Fine Art paper is more like a canvas that you would paint on. It's textured and completely matte. The texture of the paper works well with vibrant, bright colors and gives your image a more painterly feel. Images printed on fine art paper look amazing when framed under glass!

How to Place an Order:

Email your order to:

1. For each image you want printed: Image name (file name), size of print you want (or sizes if ordering the same image in multiple sizes), number of prints, and type of paper (Metallic or Fine Art).


Ceremony226.jpg     1   5x7    Metallic

BridalPortrait5.jpg    2  5x7    Metallic,    1   8x10   Fine Art

2. Tell us which session/wedding you're ordering from (i.e. Johnson Wedding 10-3-19). Also include your name, shipping address, phone number and email.

3. Note your shipping option. We have free shipping via USPS or Fedex Overnight for an additional $10.00.

4. We send you an email confirmation and PayPal invoice with your total order amount (including shipping if you're doing Fedex Overnight). Once your order is paid, we submit it to our lab and we send you another confirmation email once your order has shipped.

A note on choosing the perfect print size for your image:

Bridal Portraits, Couple's Portraits, and containing 2-4 people work well as 5x7, 8x10, 7x10 or 11x14

Large group portraits such as big bridal party shots or family portraits look perfect on 8x12, 10x20, 12x18 or 12x24.

Square sizes such as 8x8, 10x10 and 12x12 can provide some interesting crops of bridal/couple portraits and detail shots (rings, reception decor, jewelry, etc).

If you're not sure, send us an email and we can send you a preview of your image as the size/s you're considering!

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